Most organizations could benefit from effective data management. The information you need, and the processes you can streamline are varied and almost limitless. The following provides three very different uses for stored information. How can TBase satisfy the data management requirements of your business?

Reinsurance Billing & Collection System
Archive Storage Log System
Forms Inventory System

TBase is extremely capable in this area with over two decades of experience in the reinsurance industry. A specialized system such as this allows users to input claim information. It determines the reinsurance contract(s) responsible for the claim(s), calculates how much is to be ceded, creates the bills to reinsurers and/or intermediaries, and generates the accounts receivable records as well as all needed collection reports. Click here to see how this systems looks at your work station.

Storage of information or physical records is only as useful as your ability to retrieve it. A database management system would allow you to log the contents of all the boxes in storage and then easily retrieve that information. Whether your storage is attended by an outside vendor, or your employees, easy access to the information increases productivity which saves time, money, and effort.

Keep track of all forms in storage. Allow user to add new forms as they are printed and to ship forms to other departments as requested. System prints out notification reports when a minimum quantity is reached. This process, commonly called inventory control, will be tailored to your needs.